Welcome to Sandy Stolzman Photography and Murals.design. I specialize in creating nature inspired art photo programs for public interior environments including healthcare, corporate environments, hospitality and residential interiors.

My professional background is in interior design and photography.  I have worked with architects, interiors designers and end users to create successful imagery programs.  With my understanding of color, light and space, I can guide you through the image selection and editing process to create a delightful and uplifting space based on your design intent.  Custom shoots are never an issue.  I can provide various types of prints or for mural projects, I will provide a print ready file delivered electronically to the vendor of your choice created with your custom dimensions and specifications.  Print substrates are available in a variety of media including paper, canvas, aluminum, glass, plastic laminate and vinyl.  The design results are endless and meaningful. 

 I invite you to visit my photo galleries and also view some of my recent installations.

Contact me to discuss your image needs for future design projects and how my photography and creative expertise can assist you with your vision.

[email protected]

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